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For those who know me... well you know me. For those who don't, I am Audra Drysdale, and I am an eclectic Graphic Designer with a great fervency for anything crafty and history of art.

The word “design” comes from the Latin word signum which means “mark”, “symbol”, but also “sign”, with that magical acceptation that only the ancients were able to express. And I agree with them: Design is something magical, the power of expressing emotions, passions, and words in a visual way. A power that before design was “invented”, was Nature's monopoly.

Being able to express myself through art and design is something I’ve always dreamt of, and that's what I am doing here as a Graphic Designer.


I was born and raised in Florence, Italy, where I lived for 19 years. After high school, I moved to the US to go to college, and... I just stayed there.

I am left-handed and I still struggle a little every time I find an object that was designed exclusively for right-handed people.

I have been working in a sign shop as a designer since 2018, going from junior to senior designer, to design team leader.

I love animals and I have had a variety of pets including rats and a leopard gecko.

By working in a sign shop I learned not only how to design signs, but also how to make them, seeing my designs literally come to life!

In case it wasn't clear from my logo, website, and some of my designs, I love the color orange!

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