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For those who know me... well you know me. For those who don't, I am Audra Drysdale, and I am an eclectic Graphic Designer with a great fervency for drawing and history of art. Professional and meticulous, ambitious, but with a smiling, vibrant and enthusiastic personality.

The word “design”comes from the latin signum which means “mark”, “symbol”, but also “sign”, with that magical acceptation that only the ancients were able to express.

And I agree with them: Design is something magical, the power of expressing emotions, passions, and words in a visual way.

A power that before design was “invented” (I think it’s always been in the human nature, it just evolved with times), was a Nature monopoly.

Being able to express myself through art and design is something I’ve always dreamt of, and that's what I am doing here as a Graphic Designer.

© 2015 by Audra Drysdale. All rights reserved.

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